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Maximising your money on a budget as a student

May 5, 2020 | by letsbabletsbab

Second year student at Manchester Uni and aspiring fashion writer Sharon Lei talks shopping savvy on a budget.

I LOVE to shop but when you’re a student it’s not always easy balancing your money when on a budget. We are all probably aware of some of the ways in which students can save money like getting a railcard, making your own lunch, shopping from budget supermarkets, and making use of your student discounts. While we appreciate these ideas are all great, it is fair to say budgeting as a student can be hard. With ever increasing rent prices and a social life centred around spending money, it’s almost impossible to leave university without being knee deep in your overdraft, so savvy students are getting more inventive with how to save money and have discovered the benefits on shopping on LetsBab, an online digital shopping mall that pays you for shopping with them.

LetsBab can help you shop smarter!

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LetsBab is an amazing app for anyone who could do with having bit more money spare each month without having to change your usual spending habits! LetsBab is a digital shopping mall packed with choice, with 1000’s of brands, perfect for the endless social events and nights out at uni. It can be quite time consuming for students to go through all the various brands and websites just to find the cheapest deals, but with LetsBab all the brands are in one place. You can explore what different brands have to offer with the app! But by far the best thing is that if you share products with your mates and they buy them you earn 5% of whatever the cost of those items, in CASH! A great way to earn some extra money if you are on a tight budget. So why not recommend products within your friendship group and share the love, you can even go 50/50 and split the money you earn back. You and your friends will be making money together whilst doing something you love! Why not even maximise your potential earnings by posting recommendations on group chats, or even post the links on your social media? The more people who buy the products you recommend, the more money you earn!

My fav brand finds for students on LetsBab

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  1. Feel Unique
    Feel Unique offers a 10% student discount via Unidays which is amazing for those looking to save on make-up and beauty products. On top of the 5% you earn from a successful recommendation the buyer will still be able to use their discount, so it is definitely worth checking out.
  2. Protein World
    Protein World is an amazing site to pick up some protein powder if you love your work outs and as a plus, they often have big discounts! Get up to 42% off with your student discount which is amazing! They also offer vegan protein powder and supplements too!
  3. ASOS
    ASOS is the go-to brand for many students looking for the perfect outfit. It is the ultimate site with hundreds of individual brands and products. Use your 10% student discount and earn 5% back on a recommendation, proving there really are great savings to be made using LetsBab.
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