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Welcome to the world’s first digital mall. Shop the latest brands, create virtual outfits, and get rewarded for your influence.

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At LetsBab, we believe everyone deserves to be rewarded for their influence. That’s why we’ve built an app that allows you to get paid by the brands you love, for recommending the products you love. What you do with the rewards is up to you – Bank it, split it, or donate it. Join the LetsBab community today and start getting paid for your influence.

About our new app

We’re calling them Bab Boards, and you’re going to love them! We’ve created a tool that allows you to build your own virtual style boards (aka “Bab Boards”) by simply dragging in your favorite items from hundreds of the latest brands. All items are clickable and transactable (meaning you get paid for creating and sharing them!) You’ll see how fun and simple the process is — search by product, click into your brand of choice, and add the items you love to your Bab Board. You can create as many style boards as you’d like and revisit them in your profile at any time. Keeping track of your favorite products has never been easier!
Say no more. With a single click of a button, you can share your Bab Boards creatively across your social accounts (TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat) and messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage). We’ve integrated the latest creative API kits from each social platform, so the content you’ll be sharing is perfectly suited for each platform. It’s up to you to get creative in adding in filters, music, and anything else you think will help best reach your audience. It’s fun, you get paid, and people benefit from your awesome style — what more could you ask for?!
Each product on your Bab Board is clickable and purchasable — the best part..when someone buys an item from your board, you automatically get paid 5% on the sale! So, make sure to share with your friends, family, colleagues, fan base, and more. The more you share, the more you earn!
You’ll receive a notification each time someone buys a product from one of your Bab Boards. Within 48 hours, your banked cash will show up in your profile section of the app. Money will automatically be deposited in your bank account monthly, so don’t forget to add your payment details when you sign up.

Share what you love

The world is full of average, of ‘not quite what I wanted’ and ‘still got the receipt’. So when you find that thing, that makes you want to walk a little taller, run a little faster, talk a little louder, smile a little wider. Don’t keep it to yourself, because someone out there, might just love it like you.

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