The Official Baby Show Schedule

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Friday Schedule

Sleep Clinic
sponsored by John Lewis & Partners
10:30 – 12:00 Lucy Wolfe
12:30 – 14:00 Heidi Skudder – The Parent & Baby Coach
14:30 – 16:00 Lucy Wolfe
Weaning Kitchen
10:30 Rachel Boyett & Jodie Abrahams
12:00 Michela Chiappa
13:30 Annabel Karmel
15:30 Siobhan Berry
Live Talks
10:30 MadeForMums Buggy Buying Guide – Susie Boone
11:00 Breastfeeding: How It Works…And What To Do If It Goes Wrong – Clare Byam-Cook
11:45 How to Survive the First Three Months with Heidi Skudder, Becca Maberly, Lucinda Miller and Kieron Edwards-Pritchard. Hosted by Leonora Bamford, My Baba.
12:15 Motherhood: Expectations vs. Reality with Ruth Crilly, Nilly Dahlia & Rosie Ramsey. Hosted by Louise Pentland
13:00 Five Steps to an Empowered Birth – Marley Hall
13:30 Sleeping Soundly – How To Get The Best From Your Baby’s Sleep – Lucy Shrimpton
14:00 Louise Pentland’s Mothers’ Meeting LIVE with Lucy Jessica Carter and Casey Batchelor
14:45 Baby at the Table: Weaning the Italian Way – Michela Chiappa
15:15 Baby First Aid – Jenni Dunman, Daisy First Aid
15:45 How to Teach Babies Language Skills – Dr. Robert Titzer
16:15 Moving onto solids with NCT practitioner Caroline Smith and Lidl
Baby & Toddler Play
with What’s On 4 Kids
10:00 Gymboree Play & Music
10:30 SwimKidz
11:00 Bloom
11:30 Caterpillar Music
12:00 diddi dance
12:30 Busylizzy
13:30 Bloom
14:00 Caterpillar Music
14:30 Gymboree Play & Music
15:00 SwimKidz
15:30 diddi dance
16:00 Busylizzy
15:30 Baby Squids
Meet the Author
with WHSmith
11:15 Rachel Boyett
Little Veggie Eats
11:45 Heidi Skudder
Baby Sleep Tip Cards
11:45 Becca Maberly
Nobody Tells You…: 101
Truths About Pregnancy,
Birth and Parenthood
11:45 Lucinda Miller
The Good Stuff
12:15 Clare Byam-Cook
What to Expect When
You’re Breastfeeding…
And What If You Can’t?
12:45 Michela Chiappa
Baby at the Table
13:00 Louise Pentland
Wilde Women
13:30 Lucy Wolfe
The Baby Sleep Solution
14:00 Lucy Shrimpton
The Sleep Nanny System
14:15 Annabel Karmel
New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner
Weaning Made Simple
Real food Kids Will Love
Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book
15:45 Siobhan Berry
Mummy Cooks Baby & Family Recipe Book