‘Working with LetsBab as a student champion was one of the best professional decisions I made in 2019. Completing tasks over freshers week with LetsBab was so exciting, as I was passionate about the use of the app for students. This passion has allowed me to thrive when working, with the highlight being invited to work with them at London Fashion Week. This unique three day placement was so exciting, as fashion is a huge interest for me and it was helpful for my own professional goals. I also had the chance to work as a photographer at their stall at The Baby Show at Olympia. This was a great experience as I got to combine my own practice with their needs. If in the future they ask me to work with them again, I will happily take them up on the offer.’- Olly Crown


‘The role gave me a lot of hands on opportunities and I was able to work around my studies.  I love that LetsBab works closely with their charity partners, as charity is very important to me. During freshers week through my work with LetsBab I also helped raise awareness for the charity Coppafeel! A charity that encourages young men and women to regularly check their breasts and pecs. LetsBab were really supportive every step of the way and I have gained skills I would not otherwise be able to, which is amazing!’ – Sharon Lei


‘I really enjoyed working for Letsbab because I felt like I was a real part of the team and that my voice mattered; I was also treated very well by the team when I was invited to the Bowling with Bonnie event, which was a fantastic experience and was great fun for all involved.’ – Jib Kirkwood


‘I had an amazing opportunity to be a student champion for an app that’s so digitally advanced and revolutionising the world of fashion today. After working for the brand and the support from the marketing team, I’ve successfully learnt to organise events and generate interest for the app. As a young fashion and marketing student, I Look forward to seeing how far it grows and will continue to show my support.’- Renata Lopes 


‘I love social media and LetsBab gave me the opportunity to use it in a cool creative way to engage my friends and fellow students, making videos for Tik Tok, and creating posts for Instagram. I was lucky enough to be asked to take part in their ‘Festive Christmas Campaign’, in which I was gifted a product that I would genuinely wear and recommend from Pretty Little Thing and created an Instagram post around it. It was great to use Instagram in a different way to how I would use it personally and it gave me an insight and experience into the world of digital marketing.’- Nishi Yaduvanshi