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LetsBab | Crowdfunding Announcement

May 21, 2019 | by letsbabletsbab

Ten years ago I dreamt up a business inspired by Tupperware parties and Avon Ladies; the digitisation of word of mouth. For the past year we’ve been beavering away to turn this paper idea into a reality. The timing had to be right. We saw how the power of being influenced through social media was accepted and became the norm. BUT there was a problem. The only people getting paid for their influence were the ‘influencers’ or ‘ bloggers,’ with companies poised to spend billions on ‘influencer’ marketing by 2020. Every day we share our taste and style with our friends and family and we would like a big chunk of this to go to you.

In 2018 I realised it was now or never for ‘real influence’ to be rewarded through a digital direct selling tool, with the most authentic marketing voice โ€“ You. LetsBab is a digital mall in your pocket where you can shop for yourself, share products with your friends and family – and best of all get paid for it in real cash! LetsBab offers brands a closer and more transparent relationship with you, by putting you in charge of how you shop and share your recommendations. We have set out to democratise the voice of recommendation.

Many retailers unequivocally see this as the next step solution to the current #AD problem and see peer-to-peer recommendations taking over a significant chunk of this market. Our team has worked hard to secure partnerships with over 100 brands that you already shop from and now you can share products with your friends from these brands and get paid for it. What you do with the money is up to you. Keep it or donate it to one of our charity partners in the app.

In the true spirit of our democratic platform, we would like to invite our early supporters to become shareholders in LetsBab. You can invest from as little as ยฃ10. Both charities and brands have endorsed the platform and now we need to spread the word and build on our current success. The Crowdcube investment will give us the firepower to spread the word in the UK & US and allow us to grow our user base through both strategic and guerrilla marketing initiatives. It will also enable us to roll out app features like BabMe (recommendation requests) and the ability to split the commission with your friend which will drive both sales and user experience.

We are super excited to be in a position to offer you this opportunity and want to bring you along on our journey. Come and join us in this revolution driven by passion and help us to create change, where real influence gets rewarded.

Curious to learn more? Visit us on to register your interest before the campaign goes live in May and you will be the first to receive the full details.

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