My Journey from Shoes to Tech

Where to start? My journey over the years has taken me through the heady heights of the fashion world. From the Chief at Earl Jean, to the deputy at Jimmy Choo, back in the driving seat at Halston and Charlotte Olympia. In 2009, whilst at home on maternity leave, I came up with the idea of launching a platform for people to make and receive recommendations to their trusted friends and family. Looking for a means to channel my energy and natural skillset, and well aware of the power of the personal recommendation, the origins of LetsBab were born. The sentiment of “if I had a dollar for every time I recommend this….” was something I had heard time and time again, but which had never been realised. I saw a clear opportunity to enable others, like myself, to be empowered and feel connected, whilst doing something they naturally already did – sharing ideas and recommendations.

At LetsBab we are setting out to democratise the voice of recommendation. Everyday we share our taste with friends. Currently the only people getting paid for their influence are influencers/bloggers, with companies spending billions on influencer marketing. We’d like a big chunk of this to go to you.

We’ve also set out to create the ultimate shopping experience – a digital mall at your fingertips. No more dashing out after work to get to the mall pre-closing. With LetsBab you can browse access your favourite brands with a single click.

Let’s get Babbing!

Bonnie x

ps. To hear more about my journey along the way from shoes to tech, watch this space…